Why Choose Us?

Most air refreshers found in the market today are created with certain chemical compounds that have a documented adverse effects to health. These are synthetic chemicals that can stay suspended in the air in your car or home for a long time. ‍

Some of the more familiar compounds that may be present in our daily lives are: benzene, ethylene glycol, formaldehyde, methylene chloride, toluene, xylene.

That is why it’s best that you choose an air refresher wisely. At Vanzo, our air refreshers are made of plant extracts and contains zero alcohol, formaldehyde, benzene, and toluene.‍

“Safe to enjoy, without smelling overpowering.”
Why We Made These Air Refreshers?

Many air refreshers on the market were either overpowering or do not last as long as we want them to. So, we saw an opportunity to create something different, something better. Vanzo's air refreshers are proudly made certified to have zero harmless chemicals that are commonly found in other home & personal care products. ‍

Design Philosophy.

More and more Malaysians are becoming health-conscious and make their consumer choices based on their health. Because we saw a gap in the market for, we decided to develop an entirely new air refresher line that smells good and doesn't compromise your health or well-being. To that end, we're proud to have made Malaysia's First Certified Healthy Air Refresher that is safe to enjoy.

The Story.

Vanzo is a company based in Selangor, Malaysia. Our founder and CEO, has a combined 7 years’ experience in producing air refreshers.

Lots of companies sell air refreshers, but what sets Vanzo apart is the quality of our products. People around the world have been using air refreshers containing harmful chemicals for ages. We saw this as an opportunity for a positive change, to rid motorists of toxic air refreshers and provide them a better, safer alternative.

We set out on this journey and spent years to find a supplier that will help us realize our dreams

Fortunately, we have established a cooperation with Ogawa & Taiyo, the most authoritative fragrance company in Japan. The company has almost 11 decades of experience in producing raw fragrances. Together, we were able to come up with an air refresher that’s good for your vehicle and your health. ‍

Since then, we have rapidly grown and became the only Malaysian company that produces air refresher made from plant based extracts and free from harmful chemicals.

The Origin.

Ogawa & Taiyo Corporation are both renowned companies working in commercial fragrance systems, with a collective history of more than 125 years. Both companies are widely known in Japan and even in Asia for being fully focused and uncompromising on product quality and safety. ‍ ‍ We at Vanzo are proud to cooperate with Ogawa and Taiyo to successfully create the first certified healthy air refresher in Malaysia. Our entire product line has passed the MSDS International Standard Test Report, passed the SGS testing, and received the Certificate of Analysis.

First Healthy Air Refresher In Malaysia.
Fully Tested & Approved.
Our Vision
We want to let people enjoy world-class quality air refreshers at a reasonable price.

Change people's perception about air refreshers by creating one that’s made from safe ingredients – one that will give your car a fresh smell without compromising your health.

Our Mission
We aim to be an air refresher brand in Asia known for our quality and commitment to safety.

‍Our overarching mission is to provide air refreshers that is free from harmful chemicals. People spend lots of times in their car - while commuting to work, dropping of their children to school, groceries and shopping, long-distance travels. Everyone deserves to feel as comfortable and relaxed as they can while they are in their car. ‍

To that end, we believe that creating an air refresher that smells pleasant without being overpowering, and is safer to inhale without worrying about your health, is a worthy goal to achieve.

We believe that we can make your car smell good throughout your journey while still caring for you and your family’s safety and well-being.