Elegant Parfum Laundry Series - Softener (Blooming Jasmine)

Experience the ultimate in laundry care with VANZO's Elegant Parfum Laundry Series - Softener, enjoy 45 days of freshness.
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Size: 13.4 cm (L) x 6.5 cm (W) x 25 cm (H)

Product Sku: ST BJ

Elegant Parfum Laundry Series: Softener
Scent: English Pear & Freesia
Volume: 600ml

Elegant Parfum Scent Selections:

  • English Pear & Freesia
  • Floral Radiance
  • Blooming Jasmine

Product features:

  • 4X Concentrated Fragrance – Up to 45 Days of Freshness
  • Gentle on Fabrics
  • Long Lasting Freshness
  • Odour Removal
  • Microencapsulation Technology — Long Lasting Fragrance
  • User-friendly

Usage Instruction:
Machine Wash:
Pour softener directly into the washing machine's designated compartment, then start the wash cycle.

Hand Wash:
Dilute softener in water, soak clothes for about 3 minutes, then air dry.