VANZO Natural Scented Candle - English Pear & Freesia 170g

English Pear & Freesia Natural Scented Candle is a 170g candle made from natural palm wax and plant essential oil, with a burning time of 40-45 hours and a coverage area of around 200 sqft. This fragrance combines the sweet scent of pear with the delicate aroma of freesia, creating a refreshing and gentle fragrance that's perfect for a calming atmosphere.
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Size: 10 cm (L) x 10 cm (W) x 11.3 cm (H)

Product Sku: CEP

Product name: Natural Scented Candle

Volume: 170g

Materials: Natural Palm Wax, Plant essential oil

Burning time: 40-45 hours

Coverage area: Around 200 sqft

Scent options: Classic Blossom / English Pear & Freesia / Berry Baies


English Pear & Freesia

The fresh sweet smell of pear wrapped around the delicate scents of freesia to create a gentle fragrance.


Candle User Guide

  • Allow enough time for the candle wax to melt completely to the container's rim.
  • Avoid burning for more than 3 or 4 hours at a time.

  • Always trim the wick to 0.5cm before lighting.

  • Never leave candles lit unattended.

  • Keep away from flammable materials before ignition.

  • Keep lit candles out of the reach of children and animals.



Candle Care & Safety

1. The first flame must continue burning for at least 2-3 hours until the candle's surface is evenly heated and melted. 

2. Candles may come out due to dry exercise in the space. Sweating or melting marks is a natural physical phenomenon and does not affect function and use.

3. Never burn more than 4 hours each time to prevent black smoke and overheating of the container.

4. Before lighting the candle, trim the wick to 0.5cm; a wick that is too long will cause burning. The flame is too strong, making it easy to produce black smoke. 

5. Always burn in a light wind environment or away from a fan, as the wind can cause the flame to bend and result in uneven burning.

6. Please avoid direct sunlight and high-temperature places to not affect the fragrance and performance.