VANZO Reed Diffuser Citrus Verbena 120ml

Elevate your space with VANZO Reed Diffuser. Enjoy 60 days of captivating scents in three fragrances. Effortless, eco-friendly, and customizable. Luxuriate in sensory delight.
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Size: 9.5 cm (L) x 7.1 cm (W) x 21.6 cm (H)

Product Sku: RD CV
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Introducing VANZO's exquisite reed diffuser collection, where artistry meets aromatic elegance. Immerse your living spaces with a sensory journey through 3 enchanting fragrances:

Product name: VANZO Reed Diffuser
Scent: Citrus Verbena
Volume: 120ml/box

- Extended Long-Lasting Fragrance (Up to 60 days)
- Multi-Layered Scent Experience 
- Effortless & Safe (No heat or electricity)
- Customizable Experience (Adjustable intensity)
- Decorative Accent (Elegant glass bottle and natural rattan reeds)

3 Scent Options: 

Citrus Verbena
Refreshing citrus and invigorating verbena blend to create a natural, breezy ambience.

White Musk
Sweet apples and delicate florals intertwine for a clean and elegant air of comfort.

Fruity Freesia
Crisp fruits and white flowers combine for a fresh, minimalist, and soothing fragrance.

Simple steps to enjoy the brand new VANZO Reed Diffuser: 
1. Remove the lid.
2. Insert reeds into the bottle.
3. Arrange for desired scent.
4. Keep upright on a flat surface.
5. Place in your space and enjoy.